You've been given the green light for the kombucha campaign.
You've got the brief on the type of influencers.
You've spent hours trawling through Instagram to find them (or maybe you've done it the smart way).

150 perfect dad-fitness influencers found and ready to go - boom! 100 emails sent off. A day passes, two days, a week – only a few replies. Should I have DM'd them? Was the subject line off-putting? Am I going through to spam?

Reply rates vary widely across the influencer marketing industry, so what strategies are the experts using to maximise their influencer marketing leads? I spoke to 14 influencer marketing specialists to ask "What's your best tip to increase your reply rate from influencers?".

Here's what 7 of them said (part 2 coming soon).

Musa from Keepface - Influencer marketing platform

Reach out from multiple channels as DM, Email, Phone (WhatsApp, Telegram and etc.). Besides this, your message should somehow stand out among tons of messages in their DMs. So you need to personalize your outreach emails/messages. It should be emotional. From using their real names to emojis, all are subtle but very important details.

Jordan from Silver Lake Digital - Digital strategy

Keep your message short and sweet. Introduce yourself, tell them what you have to offer and tell them what you are looking for. Those are the three key points that I like to hit in as concise a message as possible.

Maxwell from GungHo - Gaming company

Approach the opportunity as polite and professional as possible. I talk to a lot of people each day who lack the most basic communication skills and professionalism who might be a really great fit, but it is always a very big red flag if the creator comes off less than professional. This industry is so much more than reach or engagement numbers. The people who are building these campaigns and signing checks ultimately want to work with people that are going to be responsible and professional.

Chris from NeoReach - Consumer intelligence

Relevant variables should be split tested over time with the resulting campaign acceptance rate being documented each time in order to isolate and validate the actual drivers that are creating operational influencer recruitment efficiency.Several variables such as brief composition, brand affinity, perceived campaign requirements, compensation, product or service relevancy, and contact channels can all affect acceptance rates.

Erin from ENERGYbits - Food supplement

First of all be genuine, engage with their content, show them there is a real person behind the screen who is genuinely interested in what they have to offer.  Secondly, meet them where they're at.  This likely means sending them a DM on Instagram (or whatever platform they're influential) because this is where they spend their time.  And they'll be more likely to answer that DM if they recognize your name from previous engagement.

Mackenzie from 22squared - Advertising agency

We've definitely seen better response rates when the campaign and brand values closely align with the influencers content, and when we personalize the outreach email. In our initial outreach email we always try to include a personalized note to explain why we've chosen them in particular. It shows that we've done our research to get to know them, and that we've selected them strategically. We don't just want to partner with anyone, we want them. I tend to think of it as similar to recruiting in this step. You're far more likely to take a call with a recruiter who tells you why you specifically are a great fit for a certain position versus receiving a generic note.

Ali from Sleepy Eden - Clothing brand

My best tip for getting a reply from an influencer is personalizing the offer and talking like you're their friend. Address them with their first name, don't be afraid to use emojis or smileys. Also don't tell your offer in the first message you send, just ask if they're willing to collaborate; chances are they will ask for more details and once they've replied, you're much more likely to get a reply when you lay down your offer.

With this strategy we get a positive reply from almost all influencers. Also if you don't get a reply to your message on social media, shoot them an email later.